Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth will inevitably begin to yellow or become discolored. This gradual change can be caused simply from the aging process, or from substances that stain your teeth, such as tea, coffee, tobacco, or nerve deterioration. We offer several procedures to help brighten your smile. Both the in-office whitening or at-home bleaching system are relatively simple and completely safe.

One-hour office procedure – Dr. Fundora offers the Rembrandt Sapphire System, the safest, fastest, and most comfortable power light bleaching procedure available today. During your whitening visit, you can simply relax and enjoy a selection from our DVD collection. The unique power light can bleach all teeth at once, or one tooth at a time, concentrating on super-stained teeth. This flexibility provides superior, uniformly white results that last. And the results are stunning and immediate.

teeth white.jpg

Take-Home Bleaching Process – The take-home bleaching process is simple. All you need is one, short appointment to have an impression made of your teeth. Soft, clear plastic cleaning trays are custom-made from the impressions to fit snugly over the teeth and ready for you in about a week.

Once you receive your trays and solution, you will need to repeat the regimen every day for two weeks. Bleaching solution is injected into the trays which are worn on the teeth for about two hours twice a day. Whitening is gradual and can be repeated every several months.


teeth white 2.png